Mesa Pizza in Stadium Cabinets Shuts

Mesa Pizza at Stadium Village eternally closed Tuesday, according to the restaurant Facebook page.  

Launched in 2006, Mesa Pizza also has places in Dinkytown and Uptown, which will stay open. The pizza chain is famous for its late night hours plus provides of pizza by the slice with specialty toppings, that set it apart from several other titles.  

“We just haven’t had the sales volume there that we needed,” Mesa Pizza owner David Hathaway stated. “Stadium had fine lunches, but there is nothing happening at night. There are not bar rushes or a great deal of people out at night”  

The Stadium Village closing follows the appearance of new pizza locations in Stadium Village.

Back in November 2015, Blaze Pizza started beneath the WaHu Apartments on Washington Avenue. Also in the area is currently Punch Neapolitan Pizza, located on Washington Avenue Southeast, that has been open since 2009.  

As reported by a Facebook article on Mesa’s webpage, Mesa Pizza Stadium Village’s waffle fries will then be accessible at the Dinkytown place following the final.


    Mesa Pizza at Stadium Cabinets closes

    The business’s Facebook page announced the closure on Tuesday.

    Mesa Pizza in Stadium Villages closes
    A paper plate reading “Mesa Pizza Stadium Village is closed” hangs taped to the door of the Stadium Village Mesa Pizza place on Sunday.

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