Bought Cat Food Online At A Great Price

I was browsing around and looking at deals for different stores online. I found several different online retailers that were having sales. is one of my favorite pet stores was also having a sale online. I wanted to check out their website to see what prices they had for cat food online. I usually pay full price in the store every time I go because it isn’t on sale. I figured it couldn’t hurt to check out the prices online because I may be able to get a better price on it.

I went website and looked at their prices of cat food online. I found the cat food I always buy for my cats on their website and it was on sale. I couldn’t believe the price of the food so I went ahead and added a few of the larger bags to my cart. That’s when I noticed this website had a shipping discount if you spent a certain amount of money. I found a few other things for my cats on the website and was able to get to the minimum amount so I could get free shipping on my order.

I placed the order to webbox and got the cat food in the mail within the next few days. I was really happy with the speed of delivery and the ease of ordering. This was going to save me a few trips to the pet store which is about 20 minutes away. I also got some other things for the cats that I needed like a scratch post and a small little thing for them to sleep in. I am happy with the quality of both things I ordered and will be checking this website out for future deals on food for the cats.

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