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We welcome gifts that are research-based and meet our advice for contributors. Possible gifts can be discussed in advance with all the editors with a brief ‘pitch’ sent to:

Advice for contributors:

The target audience is the educated, interested general reader, Instead of a topic specialist — thus avoid writing in the type of books, and rather write as far as possible in an engaging, accessible manner

The first two paragraphs are particularly important for capturing the reader, and also encouraging them to read on

The first paragraph Requires a ‘hook’ that gets the reader’s interest, followed closely with the ‘angle’ in the next paragraph (approach, preliminary findings, obstacle, etc) to reveal what makes the piece meaningful and What Is Going to be manufactured in the rest of the article

A brief statement about the study/authority for claims made could come in the second or third paragraphs, together with more detail in a paragraph at the end of the essay  (after the writer bio) giving further links to the Undertaking or books

When submitting your piece, utilize single-spaced 12-point Calibri (without any specific formatting) and record any references in the end (don’t utilize Endnote or other embedded reference methods)

If using footnotes, don’t embed them with superscript, however utilize a bracket mark in the text (1), (2), at end of sentence, with the notes in the end of the article

Read references to a minimum. The preference would be to have references with a connection (additional references / further reading could be put in the end of the post — keep them to a minimum)

If placing links to books try to link to versions that are out of paywall security if you are able to do so

Use hyperlinks where possible for references. Insert them from the text (by Way of Example, using CTRL + K) and then  fearless the hyperlinked Area of the text

The word limit is 1500 however we realise that some research/issues are may be tricky to capture within these limits. We would like nearly all bits to conform so that subscribers aren’t daunted by the duration of each piece. Most other site articles are 700-1000 words, therefore 1500 words is already greater than most Individuals are Utilized to reading online

Please give an descriptive image (in ‘landscape’ orientation, as opposed to ‘portrait’) that is copyright enabled, together with details of attribution. Note that google pictures is not fully dependable, even on complex search. The use your photos is encouraged. You can also typically access free to utilize pictures in the following websites: New York Public Library

Please give a brief author bio, with a hyperlink to a page


Every guide will be disseminated into the 12K+ followers of Discover Society on a regular basis in the month of the issue your article is printed, as well as subsequently. It is likewise tweeted & retweeted from the Social Policy Association and the British Sociological Association and countless others.

We tweet that the article’s name and then want a further 5-6 tweets in the which could be catchy quotes or queries from the article.

It’s important to get  a catchy name for your essay of no more than 100 characters (that the Tweet limit is 140 characters, including hashtag and space for the inclusion of a partial url to be able to signal the connection).

Provide your Twitter account in case you have an institutional Twitter accounts (e.g. college section, organisation, etc) for inclusion in the tweets.

When you have a twitter account, retweet your personal along with also other DS tweets!

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