Grand idyllic villages, palaces and countryside

Lionel Messi, Mars Bars and Mila Kunis. They say good things come in little packages, so let me add Luxembourg to that list.

At only 51 kilometers by 35 it has a population of 580,000, only marginally larger than Sheffield.

However, as a brief break destination that this tiny nation packs a huge punch.

It took only 15 minutes from our airplane touching down into waiting for our bus to town, having negotiated passport management. Already, small does look beautiful.

Incidentally, if you anticipate using public transport, it is worth investing into a Luxembourg Card.

The following cost $13 per person each day or $20 for two days and pay for all trains and buses, as well as providing access to lots of main museums and attractions.

The town has two valleys

Ca(fé)sino, the Casino Forum of Contemporary Art’s remarkable restaurant.

Nonetheless, it’s after dark that the town really comes alive.

In and about the palace are lively bars such as Urban, Go Ten, Café Le Palais, both Dipso and Steiler, all together with young professionals and students. The town also includes three Michelin-starred restaurants — Mosconi, Hotel Le Place d’Armes & Restaurant La Cristallerie and Le Bouquet Garni.

For more traditional, local cuisine, Restaurant Am Tiirmschen is perfect. Here we peeled Luxembourgish dishes like cold beef salad with gherkins, egg, onion and a cherry dressing and smoked chicken with broad beans, dumplings and celery.

You have to raise a toast to the Crémants

hauntingly lovely castle is really a must-see.

City and countryside done, there was something left to do sample the local tipple in Wäifest, a Wine & Grape Festival in Grevenmacher, in the banks of the Moselle River.

By 4pm I needed no encouragement to don a marching band member’s hat to raise a toast to this Crémants, Luxembourg’s response to Champagne.

Luxembourg. . .you small beauty.

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