‘Herdsmen conquered 17 Kaduna villages’

The Christian Association of Nigeria on Wednesday raised the alarm that the murdering of Christians at Southern Kaduna from Fulani herdsmen and Muslim fundamentalists was still going on with impunity since “the perpetrators have been given immunity and they feel they’re untouchable.”

The organisation also stated that more than 1,000 Christians in Southern Kaduna was murdered, 53 communities with their own churches destroyed and 17 villages defeated and inhabited by the Fulani herdmen between May this past year and now.

The General Secretary of CAN, Dr. Musa Asake, stated this in Abuja, while responding to the demand by Islamic clerics under the aegis of both Council of Imams and Ulama of Kaduna State, for the prosecution and arrest of   key members of CAN.

But Asake told journalists that the Muslim clerics were those committing the violence.

He explained, “We can never call on a Christian to kill another human being. But we cannot let a Christian to independently bow himself into murderers, with his family wiped out, his community taken over with primitive violence to ensure a new community of herdsmen terrorists have been established since it is occurring now in Southern Kaduna — especially as government isn’t showing enough commitment to arresting the circumstance.

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