Watch: Villagers in Madurai defy ban, conduct symbolic Jallikattu event : FYI, News

View: Villagers in Madurai escape bar, perform emblematic Jallikattu occasion

In the Palamedu town of Tamil Nadu, individuals kept traditions of worshiping other occasions along with an ox symbolising passing of Jallikattu.


Defying Substantial Court’s bar residents in a town in Madurai, on Jallikattu, Tamil Nadu were observed doing a Jallikattu occasion that was representational .

Unique hopes were provided in a nearby forehead in Palamedu, while individuals kept traditions of worshiping an ox in Vadivasal (the housing where Jallikattu requires locations) along with other occasions emblematic to Jallikattu.

The movie exhibits an image that is different than what’s often observed concerning the conventional activity. Jallikattu, performed on Pongal, is just a method to appreciate the cows, that the producers think about a companion in farming of food’s process. Your pet is respected, as individuals contemplate them Lord and hopes are completed.

Huge protests from the bar enforced about the bull from the Court – sport Jallikattu proceed across Tamil Nadu for that next evening today. While agitations proceed in other areas of their state a large number of demonstrators have collected in the Beach in Chennai.

Despite the phone to withdraw protests of Tamil Nadu Chief Panneerselvam, the demonstrators stay working on the interest in keeping jallikattu within the condition.

Jallikattu is just an activity performed included in Pongal, the four’s 3rd day -day long festival Pongal. The term ‘mattu’ bull, and also Pongal’s next evening is dedicated a vital companion along the way of farming, to cows.

Bulls have more importance as bulls assist producers draw their trolley laden with products to plough their area, and inseminate cattle, consequently leading to manufacturing of offspring dairy indigenous species.


Jallikattu has typically been a-one-to-one sport along with a guy within the band in a point-of period. But how a activity hasbeen performed transformed. Today, one flaming bull is liberated with lots of men, each individual attempting to accept the difficulty of the bull into a.

Individuals often trigger it because the bulls aren’t as crazy and ferocious and there has been reviews of ill treating your pet, for example setting it up drunk, putting pointed items through it as well as smearing powder in its eyes. This really is where PETA and relocated courtroom in 2004 requesting a bar about the activity and animal welfare companies are having issues with.

On May 7, 2014, India’s Court barred the standard bull- sport performed following a 10 — in Tamil Nadu — Jallikattu – year long fight that was legal.

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